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A Month of Driving Electric

March 4, 2012

We’ve had our electric car, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, since the end of December. It took a few weeks for us to get the 240v charging set-up, new utility rates in place, and to get used to driving it. By the end of January, we had settled into using it as our main transportation. I measured our usage in February, and this is what I found:

We drove the i-MiEV, in the 30 day period from Jan 29th, through Feb 27th:

  • 1,278 miles, or 42.6 miles / day average
  • used 318.4 kWh (*)
  • spent $39.21 for that electricity
  • spent just 3.07¢ per mile

Our previous primary vehicle was a 2001 Prius. We get about 40 mpg in that car, so the same month in that car would have consumed 32 gallons of gas. At the average local gas price in Feburary, $4.07/gal, it would have cost $130.20 to fuel the Prius for the same use. That works out to 10.19¢ per mile, and…

a savings of $90.99 for the month!

Ours is the one on the right.

(*) The astute will notice that this works out to 4 mile / kWh, which is about middle of various measures I’ve seen for the car. To be fair: We sometimes “charged-up” in the middle of the day at free charging stations in Palo Alto. On the other hand, we also love the “pre-warming” feature, and spent some electricity warming the car on those cold mornings.

Update 3/5: I was able to get our external charging usage data. In February we used an additional 23.3 kWh of charge. Which brings our car efficiency down to 3.74 mile / kWh. However, that includes the energy we used pre-warming the passenger compartment before we unplugged in the morning, which is significant, but unquantified.

  1. Ben Parker permalink

    I think you meant 4 miles/kWh. Oustandng performance. Looks like a great little car.

    Ben Parker

  2. Yup- thanks, fixed!

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