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Politically astute friends: I need your help!

June 11, 2011

I used to think it was best to support the Democrats, as a functional counter to the Republicans. (Basically penance for the one time I failed to vote… and Regan became President.) But I’m older and crankier now, and don’t have the patience for the Democrats: They speak nicer sentiments, but are hardly the forces of change we need.

I’m looking for a political homestead: A group that cares about people over corporations. A group that speaks in facts in truths, and acts mature. No spouting ideologies, but enough fire to call a spade a spade. A group that encompasses all aspects it takes to govern a nation, not concerned with just one set of social issues, or a particular economic solution. A group with a platform I can get behind.

Anyone know such a party? A website? Non-Profit? A journal? Weekly meetings of concerned citizens? A writer? Is anyone organizing a reformation of American politics?

Or do I need to start planning to emigrate to some other country (suggestions welcome)?


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  1. The Green party is the only one I know that is organized, has the right agenda and is not on some personality kick (Naderism). You’re absolutely right to point out that voting Democrat has not changed anything. This country urgently needs a third force, and only that can push the centre in the right direction. Tragic that, even if it happens, it will be a decade or three too late anyway. The Bush lost decade is being followed by the Obama lost decade. We are of course wrong to blame those personalities; there is an entire complex of power relations behind the US’s backwardness. Sigh? Grump? Fuck it? I don’t know.

  2. Pepe Barbe permalink

    The democrats are the opposite of ‘forces of change’; they are taking us down a similar path than the Republicans are, just to a different tune.

    I found these two links interesting and depressing at the same time:

    The task is very difficult because, as they say in the documentary, republicrats have a virtual monopoly of all political activity and the resources destined to it.The best best, and by best I mean longshot, is a political movement whose sole goal is to challenge the stranglehold that these two parties have over US politics. Once some ground has been made and the system is capable of tolerating more than two parties, can you think about pushing for other goals.

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